• Allison Caffrey

Sunscreen, The Sun, and The Perfect Tan

Alright everyone, the weather is getting warmer and summer is rapidly approaching! It's time to whip out those bathing suits and hit the beach or the pool! BUT WAIT! You can't forget your sunscreen!

I'll keep it real with everyone, I used to be bad about wearing sunscreen. I was obsessed with trying to achieve the perfect tan.

That was until I realized that you can still achieve that golden glow with SPF by the use of sunscreen and tanning oils! Not to mention that the health of your skin should trump any tan that you can achieve, however we all know the young mind does not think that way. (I'm obviously guilty of this)

Why is it important to use sunscreen?

Sunscreen protects your skin from the suns ultraviolet rays. These rays play a huge role in making your skin wrinkly and leathery looking. Let's face it, we're trying to look younger now a days, not older. So think of sunscreen as an anti-aging agent. I know some of you pay the big bucks for those type of products as it is!

Sunscreen also protects you from getting a sunburn which is also caused by these harsh rays. After you get a sun burn, your skin is red, sore to the touch, and then usually proceeds to peel. This is what you don't want if you're trying to achieve that perfect glow.

The biggest reason you should use sunscreen is to prevent skin cancer. The sun rays are carcinogens which means they often cause cancer. These rays can lead to basal cell and squamous cell cancer, however if you don't start applying your sunscreen from an early age and are often the subject of many severe sunscreens, you could be at risk for developing melanoma.

The Good News

Here is the good news. All of these sun exposure problems can be prevented, AND you can simultaneously achieve your golden glow! I will give you my go to products that I always have in my beach bag. And ladies, even if you're not going to lay out by the pool or the beach, make sure that your foundation contains SPF!

For my face, I always apply 100+ SPF. Why? Truthfully, it is the only place my skin really burns. Mainly, on my nose. But I also want to prevent wrinkles as much as possible. My go to Sunscreen is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF 100+ (8.99)

For the rest of my body, I use a tanning oil with SPF infused in it. This helps you achieve a golden glow, but still keeps you protected from the suns intense rays. However, if you do have fairer skin, I HIGHLY recommend that you use a tanning oil with a higher SPF in it. My skin is on the darker side, so I only use 8 SPF, but I apply every hour. The thing I love about Australian Gold is that it is a little bit thicker, and feels really cold. So when you're in the blaring sun, the little cool down is a nice added bonus! Australian Gold SPF 8 ($6.97)

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