• Allison Caffrey

Having Trouble Staying Productive While Working From Home?

It's so hard staying productive when you need to get your work done from home. Especially now with so many of us having to work remote, it can be hard to stay focused. One of the biggest motivators for me to complete my work is having a comfortable, well decorated space to work from. It's amazing how just a few decorations can brighten my mood, and make me want to be in my work space.

I found this super cute Chalkboard organizer from The Home Depot! It is the perfect thing to add to my work space because it has a magnetic space for photos or business cards, a chalkboard to write important memos, and three folder spaces to organize my papers!


I decorated the other wall with 4 beautiful gold diamond-shaped mirrors. These mirrors add the perfect amount of brightness and pizzazz that my space needed. They are the perfect size to fill up the wall, and would look amazing in any space.


Finding all of these decorations at Home Depot has been a dream. There are SO many amazing products to choose from, I could seriously snag them all!

Whether you're stuck working from home or going back to school, I would seriously suggest re-decorating your work space and shopping at Home Depot!



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