• Allison Caffrey

Feeling Safe and Getting Prepared with SABRE

This year has been full of uncertainty. One thing that I am certain about is my personal safety! Going out alone, especially as a woman, I constantly have to watch my back. With SABRE safety products, I feel prepared and confident going to the beach, out for a run, or just being out in general. SABRE makes easy to use and easy to hold Pepper Spray products as well as Dorm/Apartment alarm systems.

SABRE Pepper Spray has 5x more bursts than their competitors!

SABRE’s Runner Pepper Spray is designed with an easy to hold adjustable strap that fits perfectly in your hand as you run or are on a walk. This high-performance pepper gel packs a lot of power and unlike standard pepper sprays, can be used at a distance of 12 feet with little to no wind blowback. It only affects your target. Having this in my hand as I run puts my mind at ease and let’s me focus more on my running than constantly having to look over my shoulder.

SABRE also makes Pepper Spray that comes with a keychain that is perfect to hang on your purse or backpack so that you can navigate through your daily life in ease. SABRE Pepper Spray is ranked number one by Police and Consumers Worldwide.

SABRE also makes a Practice Pepper Spray so that you can practice and feel confident using your spray if you ever need to use the real thing, however each Pepper Spray comes with a link to a video tutorial on how to properly use the product!

Visit www.sabrered.com to pick up your Pepper Spray products today, and start feeling safe and confident while being out alone!

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